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Petticoat Discipline Quarterly, where bad boys become good girls. ... Letter 5 - My Husband, Anita (photo) Letter 6 - Jamie's Further Education Part Two
Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
This monthly magazine will offer letters of its successful use from readers concerning how to treat those immature and troublesome sons, husbands, nephews, ...
October - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
I should recommend a site where women can obtain corsets of the very highest quality for disciplining their husbands or older sons. I have no hesitation in ...
Links - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
Once she discovered the experience of being in charge of her husband both in and out of the bedroom, she not only enjoyed the power, but always seeks to ...
Letter 2 - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
Petticoat discipline also occurs in the context of some marital relationships, ... or underwear in a variety of contexts, ranging from the husband having to wear a ...
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Jan 26, 2014 ... His new mother in law is a firm believer of petticoat discipline and she ... of the benefits of having your boyfriend or husband wearing panties.
Forced feminization stories & men in satin panties - Satin Submissions
Mar 22, 2015 ... Mistress wife forces husband to wear girl's clothes to keep him respectful and disciplined.
Dominant Wife's Petticoat Discipline - Female Led Relationships
Aug 7, 2011 ... Crossdress Petticoat. Ginny CD. SubscribeSubscribed ... love the petticoat and such lovely legs in those heels. Read more Show less ...
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