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Like most men today, my husband thought he was the master in our household, sure he was for a time the major breadwinner, but that is where he thought his ...
Dishonest Husband Now a Baby Girl - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
Petticoat Discipline Quarterly, where bad boys become good girls. ... Letter 4 - Sallyann's Sissy Husband (cr) Letter 5 - Petticoating Progress Report
Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
Petticoats from 11 inches to 27 inches, 20 yards to 200 yards - all types all .... If you need your husband/partner/boyfriend transformed and trained Mistress Lady  ...
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It details how I used my husband's sissy tendencies to take full control of my marriage and of him. I am afraid it is rather long but I hope you will be able to use it.
Letter 4 - Sallyann's Sissy Husband - Petticoat Discipline Quarterly
"Petticoat punishment," as a sexual fetish interest, involves imagining or ... that the husband wear a brassiere on a full-time basis under ordinary male clothing.
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Dec 27, 2010 ... This was during the mid 1960's - Mother was compling about sons long hair - he recountered - Oh its just fashion! to which the reply was are ...
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Mar 20, 2012 ... Well, with all my petticoats :) I find you can never have enough. ... Episode 1: Wife feminizes and cuckolds husband: The seed is planted!
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Jan 26, 2014 ... His new mother in law is a firm believer of petticoat discipline and she ... of the benefits of having your boyfriend or husband wearing panties.
Forced feminization stories & men in satin panties - Satin Submissions

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