forced into diaper punishment

Forced into diapers, publically exposed, subject to punishment at your whim . ... And once your diaper is wet, and your voice is high and babyish with tears, and ...
Helplessly Regressed: Forced Ageplay Punishments
Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Sissy, Forced regression and feminisation stories. ... Punishment - Femdom diaper punsihment story, sees anna forced back into ...
Anna's Stories
Jun 23, 2013 ... Worse, her entire outfit would morph and turn into something very babyish and she would be forced to talk like a baby until she got her diaper ...
Alice's Punishment by ABAlex on deviantART
Mar 4, 2014 ... Rest assured, I'm going to further look into this and seek justice in ..... between toilet breaks and diapers where made as a punishment ! ... Or was it you are now forced to wear a diaper 24hrs a day every day she was there.
Hephzibah House-Being Forced to Wear Diapers - YouTube
How should you or your parent go about diapering you? ... Your most likely form of diaper punishment would be. ... Refuse to, and get forced into it by mom Test: Diapers or undies
Mar 28, 2013 ... "Oh, you'll see why its a punishment soon my little angel." ..... My hair was in curly pigtails and a pacifier forced into my mouth, not to mention the dress! ... Katy lifted up the dress exposing a white fluffy diaper with Disney ...
Being a Baby for the Babysitters by PhilippaBoy on deviantART
I got more then a few curious glances when people saw me walking into the baby ... staying at ALL about this and she would ensure punishment was dealt out. ...... clover: wow that seems really embarrassing!i aws forced into diapers also but ...
Embarrassing story - Diaper Humiliation -
Jun 10, 2014 ... She would be forced to wear a diaper or sometimes not even a diaper. ... The girl told police the punishments were for stealing and lying.
Teen Forced To Live Naked In Backyard As Punishment: Police

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