forced into diaper punishment

I'm 22, live in Minnesota. I am a diaper boy and like diaper humiliation and punishment. I like to be forced to wear and use diapers!
Diaper Punishment And Humiliation
Forced into diapers, publically exposed, subject to punishment at your whim . ... Sometimes the less-full diaper is the one that earns its wearer certain privileges.
Helplessly Regressed: Forced Ageplay Punishments
Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Sissy, Forced regression and feminisation stories. ... Punishment - Femdom diaper punsihment story, sees anna forced back into ...
Anna's Stories
Mar 4, 2014 ... Hephzibah House-Being Forced to Wear Diapers .... The boarding school I went to in England the nuns made me wear a diaper 24 /7 I wet and ... love, its about caring for your fellow human being, not forcing punishment on a ...
Hephzibah House-Being Forced to Wear Diapers - YouTube
Jun 23, 2013 ... Alice's Punishment. ... Worse, her entire outfit would morph and turn into something very babyish and she would be forced to talk like a baby ...
Alice's Punishment by ABAlex on DeviantArt
May 15, 2013 ... A teacher has come under fire for forcing a 5-year-old boy to wear a ... his mother that he had to wear a diaper over his pants — a punishment ...
Teacher forces boy 'acting like a baby' into diaper - NY Daily News
There's no way her skirt is going to hide her diaper - everyone is going to know what a baby she is! - but Daddy knows what's best… and he tapes her into it ...
Diaper bondage/punishment
Personal blog of diaper punishment fan, webmaster and diaper punisher of ... except one time when she threw a fit about being forced to wear diapers to school.
Diaper Punishment

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