forced into diaper punishment

Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Sissy, Forced regression and feminisation stories. ... Punishment - Femdom diaper punsihment story, sees anna forced back into ...
Anna's Stories
Forced into diapers, publically exposed, subject to punishment at your whim . ... That's why you're going to stay there until I see your diaper get nice and wet.
Helplessly Regressed: Forced Ageplay Punishments
Jun 23, 2013 ... They had each just been changed into a new set of clothes, all in the same room .... and she would be forced to talk like a baby until she got her diaper changed( she ...... Wanted to have one focusing entirely on punishment.
Alice's Punishment by ABAlex on deviantART
Amber was being mean and tied me into the suspension rig with a spread bar ... with Wenona, and I was forced to watch her get a enema as a punishment!
Diaper bondage/punishment
Dec 31, 2011 ... forced to show my nappy ... nice nappy id like 2 change u @ then ... My Embarrassing Punishment by Alexis Schnick 44,400 views; 1:36.
forced to show my nappy - YouTube
Mar 4, 2014 ... I've had a few of my own experiences with being punished as a child under ... Rest assured, I'm going to further look into this and seek justice in any ... to in England the nuns made me wear a diaper 24 /7 I wet and pooped in ...
Hephzibah House-Being Forced to Wear Diapers - YouTube
How should you or your parent go about diapering you? ... Your most likely form of diaper punishment would be. ... Refuse to, and get forced into it by mom Test: Diapers or undies
I got more then a few curious glances when people saw me walking into the baby ... staying at ALL about this and she would ensure punishment was dealt out. ...... clover: wow that seems really embarrassing!i aws forced into diapers also but ...
Embarrassing story - Diaper Humiliation -

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