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Inflation Stories. #inflation .... Cassidy IIIThis story contains female weight gain. As one ... Her shirt was showing her generous cleavage and showed off her belly .
Inflation Stories favourites by beluga86 on DeviantArt
Apr 5, 2007 ... She loved the feel of soft belly flab; kneading it, grabbing it, squeezing. ... I've never been much for 'fat' stories, expansion is more of my thing, ...
Gut Buster by SpratFA on DeviantArt
Her Burgeoning Belly"Festively Plump" was not a term she liked. It was her third semester at college and she had put on 40 pounds since she first arrived.
Inflation Stories favourites by primus123 on DeviantArt
May 20, 2013 ... WARNING: This story contains pregnancy related belly inflation. Some stuffing and breast inflation are included as well. You have been warned ...
Alex's Heavenly Gift by supersayen999 on DeviantArt
Hint: If you don't like the first part of the story, maybe you will like the second one ..... in his lower belly became longer and wider, as he was rigged for fat inflation.
Fatpump: The Belly - Dimensions
Expansion of a ranch girl - Part One by PumpkinBelly. "Well, they are all loaded and ready to go," said Jeffreys as he surveyed the freshly packed cattle cars.
Expansion of a ranch girl - Part One - Dimensions
Apr 5, 2014 ... This is y first story, and having not been a girl for my life do not judge me too harshly please. Thank you. I woke up to the sound of rushing water ...
Helpless belly inflation by derp396 on DeviantArt

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