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She could already feel her stomach gurgling. If there was one thing she did not handle well it was social event's. She didn't like being around large group's of ...
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Hint: If you don't like the first part of the story, maybe you will like the second one ..... his stomach expanded readily and his upper belly expanded outward as the ...
Fatpump: The Belly - Dimensions
Gut BusterSally caressed her massive stomach, distended and quivering erotically. She loved the feel of soft belly flab; kneading it, grabbing it, squeezing it.
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May 20, 2013 ... WARNING: This story contains pregnancy related belly inflation. Some stuffing and breast inflation are included as well. You have been warned ...
Alex's Heavenly Gift by supersayen999 on DeviantArt
Aug 9, 2013 ... WARNING: THE FOLLOW STORY CONTAINS USE OF BAD WORDS, ... Gift WARNING: This story contains pregnancy related belly inflation.
The Pregnant Experiment by christiandragoon321 on DeviantArt
Fanart Spherical Body Inflation Stories · Fanart Body Inflation Stories · Fanart Belly Inflation Stories · Fanart Breast Inflation ... Fanart Hourglass Inflation Stories .
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Pregnant stories. #pregnant #stories · × .... Until I got pregnant, then the belly started to show big time. My boss told me .... A big few hours by expansionprocess.
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