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Mar 28, 2011 ... Her parents were actors. She made her movie debut at age 13 in The Twilight Girls, and continued with small parts in minor films.
IMDb: Top-20 actors (female) 1960-1970 - a list by 9-1
Jun 8, 2012 ... The Greatest Female Stars of the 1970ies ... The average IMDb vote of the best 5 films of each star gives the ranking. Maximum 100 Persons.
IMDb: The Greatest Female Stars of the 1970ies - a list by ...
Jan 18, 2012 ... Top-20 actors (female) 1970-1980 ... however, when she began to work for Swedish director Ingmar Bergman in such films as Persona.
IMDb: Top-20 actors (female) 1970-1980 - a list by 9-1
Note: The films that are marked with a yellow star are the films that "The Greatest ... GLENDA JACKSON in "Women in Love", Jane Alexander in "The Great White ...
Academy Awards® Winners (1970 - 1979) - Greatest Films
Aug 15, 2014 ... Women in the movies began to loosen up quite a bit in the 1970s. As Hollywood distanced itself from the big-budget behemoths of an earlier ...
20 Top Female Film Stars of the '70s - Do You Remember
For actresses to be included on this page, they must have a history of distinguished or ... She has, however, been a first-choice leading lady in France since the .... who shot to stardom with Goodbye, Colombus (1969) and Love Story (1970).
Movie Stars - Enter The Fresh Films
Even solid films with bankable stars, like the Pearl Harbor ... following a young girl who runs away from home, leaving her ...
1970s in film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sep 8, 2014 ... Some of the Loveliest TV Actresses of the 1970's! .... In 1974, she starred in the successful TV movie Wonder Woman a year before Lynda ... Phyllis' career started officially in the late 60's having roles in films like Lord Love A ...
70's Sexiest TV Actresses - Glorymiller - HubPages

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